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At the heart of this initiative will be a group of scholars who will: Define the research agenda; Solicit proposals for independent research on a range of different topics; and Manage a peer review process to select scholars who will receive funding for their research, as well as access to privacy-protected datasets from Facebook which they can analyze.

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Facebook will not have any right to review or approve their research findings prior to publication. Second, the last two years have taught us that the same Facebook tools that help politicians connect with their constituents — and different communities debate the issues they care about — can also be misused to manipulate and deceive.

We have made real progress since Brexit and the US presidential election in fighting fake news, as well as combating foreign interference, in elections in France, Germany, Alabama and Italy.

This initiative will enable Facebook to learn from the advice and analysis of outside experts so we can make better decisions — and faster progress. In consultation with the foundations funding the initiative, Facebook will invite respected academic experts to form a commission which will then develop a research agenda about the impact of social media on society — starting with elections.

The focus will be entirely forward looking. The initial term of the commission will be one year and membership will be determined in the coming weeks. We are keen to have a broad range of experts — with different political outlooks, expertise and life experiences, gender, ethnicity and from a broad range of countries.

The commission will exercise its mandate in several ways: Prioritization of research agenda. For example, will our current product roadmap effectively fight the spread of misinformation and foreign interference?

Specific topics may include misinformation; polarizing content; promoting freedom of expression and association; protecting domestic elections from foreign interference; and civic engagement.

Solicitation of independent research. In accordance with standard academic protocols, proposals will be subject to rigorous peer view. The peer review process will be managed by the Social Science Research Councilwhich is well placed to tap into the global network of substantive, ethical, and privacy experts.

Based on input from the peer review process, the commission will independently select grantees who will receive funds from the supporting foundations, and, when appropriate, privacy-protected data from Facebook. Providing access to information while protecting privacy. Once the commission identifies the most important questions, we are committed to helping grantees obtain the right data to answer them.

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Sometimes these datasets will come from Facebook, and sometimes they will come from other sources like surveys or focus groups.

Facebook and our funding partners recognize the threat presented by the recent misuse of Facebook data, including by an academic associated with Cambridge Analytica.

At the same time, we believe strongly that the public interest is best served when independent researchers have access to information. And we believe that we can achieve this goal while ensuring that privacy is preserved and information kept secure. Any proposal submitted through this process must first have been reviewed by a university Institutional Review Board IRBor the international equivalent.

These reviews will help ensure that Facebook acts in accordance with its legal and ethical obligations to the people who use our service, as well as the academic and ethical integrity of the research process. The commission will oversee publication, ensuring that only aggregated, anonymized results are reported.

It will also develop a process to apply for data access for purposes of replication. Independent and transparent reporting. Facebook and the foundations funding this project are committed to transparency around the rationale for the structure and membership of the commission.

This will include the decision-making criteria guiding both the research agenda and scholar selection. Facebook plays an important role in elections around the world — helping people connect and discuss the important issues of the day.

Assess the view that process of

We were slow to spot foreign interference in the US presidential elections, as well as issues with fake accounts and fake news. Our teams have made good progress since then. By working with the academic community, we can help people better understand the broader impact of social media on democracy — as well as improve our work to protect the integrity of elections.

Gary King of Harvard University and Nate Persily of Stanford Law School have been instrumental in developing this innovative model for academic collaboration.How Do Organizations Assess for Potential, in addition to a Talent Review Process?

Ye Lei Cornell University Charlotte Zhang Cornell University degree feedback assessments provide organizations with a robust view of the individual’s capabilities, cultural fit, . 8 process fundamentals (and how they can help you assess your business process maturity) for example. Here is a simplified view of five stages to the client experience with a brief description of client expectations and the 13 business processes that deliver the experience.

Thanks for emphasizing the importance of a good employee onboarding process. Not only should quality onboarding involve thorough training so the employee can perform the job to the best of their ability, it should also involve efforts to make the employee feel comfortable and a part of the team.

Process, product, and purpose. Curriculum-based assessment must start with an inspection of the curriculum. Many writing curricula are based on a conceptual model that takes into account process, product, and purpose.

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