Biotechnology in environment clean up process

Municipal, industrial and surface run-offs 1, Effect of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants in the environment Crude oil, a mixture of many thousands of organic compounds, can vary in composition from one source to another. This suggests that the effects of crude oil spill will vary from source to source.

Biotechnology in environment clean up process

The way to do so is to upgrade the production processes of SMEs towards resource- and energy efficiency. This will be facilitated through a online platform, acting as a one-stop-shop within an open innovation ecosystem.

Hereby, KET4CP aims to create a one-stop-shop online platform, raising awareness in productivity and environmental performance through clean production related innovations in manufacturing SMEs across the European Union.

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For this, SMEs have to meet eligibility criterias and several general conditions. Primarily the applicant has to be an active SME in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, the cooperation project could focus either on a certain type of activity, or a technological or non-technological service.

More information on the eligibility criterias for a micro grant can be found on this webpage.

Biotechnology in environment clean up process

SME in the Manufacturing Sector To meet the general conditions of an open call for micro grants, the applicant SME must be active in the manufacturing sector.

Interested SMEs can find all relevant information about the submission criterias in the publicly available Guide for Applicants, provided on this webpage. After registration on this webpage, the users will be provided with free access to download all documents necessary for the submission.

Through submitting a technology request, SMEs can be matched with interested KETs Technology Centres to team up and potentially develop a joint proposal for the micro grant.Environmental Affairs and Sustainability.

The Environmental Affairs and Sustainability team promotes an enabling environment to ensure that the business community has the flexibility and policy tools it . The truth, of course, is that most of us care more about our standard of living than we do about the health of some species we seldom if ever the truth, even harder to admit, is that most of us care more about our own welfare than we do about that of persons living three or four or five generations hence.


The 5 Most Creative Ways to Clean Up Pollution Sometimes, two kinds of messes can cancel each other out. Some of the areas where biotechnology has proved very effective in environmental clean-up include: Landfill Technologies: Solid wastes account for an increasing proportion of the waste generated by urban societies.

Biotechnology in environment clean up process

Broadly speaking, biotechnology is any technique that uses living organisms or substances from these organisms to make or modify a product for a practical purpose (Box 2).

Biotechnology can be applied to all classes of organism - from viruses and bacteria to plants and animals - and it is becoming. Diploma in Biotechnology. Genes, molecular biology, cloning, cell technology, immunology, drug discovery, diagnostic development, biochemical analysis, .

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