Consumer behavior in bangladesh

This paper contain data input collected from 50 male students respondents for around 20 issues. And of all these factors seem to have the majority of influence and significance in terms of marketing information. These variables upon being analyzed further turn out to be the handful of factors on the decision making process of consumers and their behaviors. This report also facilitated the understanding of the academic theories associated with the course of BBA.

Consumer behavior in bangladesh

Hire Writer Existing customers are retained because the packaging prevents them from going for a competitive product that looks more appealing. Packaging acts as an advertisement tool and a selling agent.

It provides the company with the opportunity to advertise their product by writing about the benefits of the particular product on the packaging.

The customer can then make his or her decision easily. These features will further serve to identify the product from among competing products. In other words, packaging serves the purpose of identifying the product.

Consumer behavior in bangladesh

It is this package that makes the customer go straight to where the product is on the shelf and not pick any other product. This is the reason why companies should make unique packages that are not likely to be confused with other products and which can easily avoid counterfeits.

Consumer behavior in bangladesh

Packaging protects the product and ensures that it is not affected by environmental hazards such as moisture, dust and smell. Customers would like to get clean products and therefore when the packaging is right, more customers will buy.

This is because it takes into consideration the blind and the visually impaired by providing a braille translation of the writings on the package. This means that it will also appeal to this group of customers who are in most cases ignored.

However, the package is a bit dull which may not attract persons with visual capability and hence they may go for other types of spice. The cartoon designs may particularly appeal to children who to a large extent influence the purchasing decisions that their parents make.

The packages and the names are also unique such that customers can easily identify the brand.

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This package would increase sales for the Silver Hills bread. The green leaf is supposedly used to depict that the detergent is safe for the environment. Normally though, one could mistake the green leaf to mean that the soap is made from herbal products or even mistake it for a herbicide from far.

The detergent is likely to get low sales because the package is not very eye catching. Question 2 Chal from Bangladesh Chal is essentially a word used to refer to rice. Rice is produced in significant amounts in Bangladesh and it accounts for a large amount of income obtained by Bangladesh.

Rice takes a central role in Bangladesh accounting for 18 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the country and takes up 75 percent of the agricultural crops. Rice fields occupy 10 hectares of land and the main workers in the rice farms are villagers with considerably low incomes.

Rice can be said to be affected by stereotypes both positively and negatively. For example, the population of Bangladesh is said to be very high. As a matter of fact, it is the 7th largest in the world with Analysis of Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategies.

1. Introduction • Background of the Study: The research report titled as “Holcim cement Bangladesh Ltd.” is originated from the partial requirement of the course Consumer Behavior, MkT CUSTOMER RETENTION AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES IN BANGLADESH 1Md.

Alamgir Hossain1+ Md. Rakeullah Chowdhury2 A significant number of researches have been directed the factors influencing the consumer behavior in various industries, such as financial services, tourism, telecommunications, airlines and so on.

Bangladesh is dominated by Muslims with Hindus following suite. One way in which this stereotype enhances the country is that Muslims often make use of rice dishes which provides market for the rice in Bangladesh.

North South University is the first private university of Bangladesh, was established in Apr 12,  · extent is the impact of various factors responsible in terms of retailers for doing business with manufacturers in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

The theoretical framework was designed based on the literature and hence two hypotheses were formulated. Consumer Behavior in Fast Food Marketing in Bangladesh: A Case Study Mohammad A.

Ashraf1 and Sharmin Akhter2, Saad Imran Noor3 Abstract The main objective of the study is to identify the.

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