Critical response film remember titans

It is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I think its one of those movies that plays into a lot of things, for example, not only does it talk about race, but also camaraderie and inner strength.

Critical response film remember titans

Brogan 29 September Warning: How can this one be any better than the last one? The only good recent football film is RUDY. Inin Alexandria, Virginia, the town's high school football team, the T.

Williams Titans, are very popular. But a few weeks before the start of the school year, a white store owner shoots and kills a black man who was suspected in stealing a product. This causes a racial seperation between blacks and whites in Alexandria.

What's bad is that Boone is black, and Yoast is white. Most of the town's residents are angry, and even some of the players are willing to ruin their football career's to quit the team to make a statement.

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But at the start of football camp, Coach Boone won't take any racial diversity. Boone treats all of his players equally, he has his football camp practices appear to be a mixture between boot camp and group sessions. If the player misses Critical response film remember titans a football, he has to run a mile.

If the player doesn't know anything about the person of the opposite color that they are rooming with, they have homework to get to know one another. With this, it creates a special bond between these men. Men who act more mature and humane, unlike most of the residents of Alexandria.

But when Coach Boone and Coach Yoast prove that the Titans are a winning team, the issue of race is erased and the true meaning of teamwork is born.

The way to make a great sports movie is to have it be adapted from a true life story. I really did enjoy the characters in the film, since they are factual, they have very humanistic qualities.

Critical response film remember titans

You enjoy and like the character's so much that you are cheering for them. I highly enjoyed the acting in this film. I think if Denzel Washington should get his long overdue Oscar for Best Actor, it should be for this film. He teaches his team that black or white, these men are a team, and that the only way to win is teamwork.

Washington gives a bravura performance, that it will stun the people who think that Washington usually plays "racist" roles. I also enjoyed Will Patton a lot, he's not playing the cliche coach who gets demoted, and wants to ruin the new head coach. Instead, he understands the message that Boone is giving to the team that he helps as much as he can to help the team succeed.

And the football players are also great, the ones I thought stood out were: Preston Brant Jerry Buck, the team's captainDonald Adensun Petey, the team's running-backKip Perdue Sunshine, the team's quarterbackCraig Kirkwood Rev, the team's defense playerand Ethan Suplee Lastik, the team's leading defense, and by his size, he should be!

I was glad to see Suplee change his roles in his career. Director Boaz Yakin and producer Jerry Bruckheimer should be commended for this film.

I am pleased to see Jerry Bruckheimer made a really enjoyable and intellectual film, which is the complete opposite of the type of films that he's famous for. In fact I think this is the first one intellectual film Bruckheimer has made!

The message that it sends out is really powerful, and if it doesn't convince you to change, then you are probably dead. And director Boaz Yakin does a fantastic job with this film, that along with Cameron Crowe, Wolfgang Petersen, and Ridley Scott, he should be nominated best director.

This is quite a film, in fact, I think this is the best football movie that I have ever seen! I really really enjoyed this film, and as I left it led me to believe in the message that this film was sending to it's audience.

And this being only "PG" and put out by Walt Disney Pictures, I would love to see both junior high schools and high schools to show this film to it's students.Critical Response to the film "Remember the Titans".

and then the integration of the major local High school; T.C. Williams. The integration lead to the demotion of a much loved and highly successful head coach of the school state football team by the name of Bill Yoast, the job's new occupancy went to an African-American by the name of 5/5(3).

We will write a custom essay sample on Race Conflict in “Remember the Titans Critical Response to the film “Remember the Titans” Remember the Titans Film ; Remember the Titans ; We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you. Interpersonal relationship (). Sep 29,  · "Remember the Titans" is a parable about racial harmony, yoked to the formula of a sports movie.

Victories over racism and victories over opposing teams alternate so quickly that sometimes we're not sure if we're cheering for tolerance or touchdowns. Real life is never this simple, but then that's what the movies are for--to 3/5.

Remember the Titans is a good film, but one that should really have stood considering the subject the film displays. If this wasn't released by Disney, then maybe a much better movie would have 73%. A collection of english critical responses showcasing Elizabeth Gaskell's Realist novel "North and South", a genre study, an analysis of Robert Gray's poetry, an essay on Tim Winton's short stories, Boaz Yakin's film "Remember The Titans" and a comp.

This paper will analyze the sociological issues that are brought up in the movie “Remember the Titans.” Based on a true story, this movie encompasses many.

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