Customer perception survey

Although retention of key customers was good in year and Fujitsu wanted to ensure it stayed that way. There was a risk that a significant proportion of customers may go to tender at the conclusion of the contract term therefore raising costs, putting pressure on margins and increasing risk of loss of accounts. In addition a key Fujitsu objective was to grow revenue from the existing customer base.

Customer perception survey

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Here are five customer satisfaction survey questions that are widely used in the world of satisfaction research. Overall Satisfaction Question It is a good idea to include a general satisfaction question, which will serve as an overall measure of how well your company is pleasing customers across all aspects of the business product, brand, service, communication, etc.

What is your overall satisfaction with insert company name? Since this is a very common question asked by many companies, there are various industry benchmarks to also measure yourself against.

The most common way to analyze responses to this question is to look Customer perception survey the percentage of respondents who are either somewhat or very satisfied. One downside to this question, however, is that it is not very actionable.

Attribute Questions The general question shown above is a nice measure of overall satisfaction to track over time, but you will also want to measure specific aspects of satisfaction in order to obtain more actionable data. If you operate a restaurant, for example, you might want to ask your patrons about their experience with service, cleanliness, food quality, etc.

These attribute questions are useful in pinpointing specific areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Customer perception survey

Again, the information gleaned from these questions is actionable. For example, if you, as the restaurant owner find that satisfaction scores for cleanliness are low, you can address the issue with the cleaning staff and implement new practices.

You could even incent the staff with bonuses and prizes that are tied to the cleanliness satisfaction score.

What is your satisfaction with our cleanliness? What is your satisfaction with the taste of our food? What is your satisfaction with the cleanliness of our restaurant? Behavioral Questions There are two commonly asked behavioral questions used in customer satisfaction research surveys: B How likely are you to buy from company again?

Both of these questions are typically measured on a point scale, as shown below. After all, we measure satisfaction and try to improve upon it because satisfaction is an important predictor of behavior. These questions get right to the business problem at hand—how to increase sales through customer loyalty.

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In addition to providing an aggregate satisfaction measure, this question is useful in identifying your most loyal individual customers. You can then follow up with them to make sure you maintain those key relationships. What is Net Promoter Anyway?

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Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Chevrolet continue to dominate in consumers’ minds As markets shrink, companies are scrambling to boost customer satisfaction and keep their current customers rather than devoting additional resources to chase potential new customers.
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In a nutshell, a company called Satmetrix and a guy named Frederick Reichheld did some research in to determine the customer satisfaction question s that best predict positive future behavior—namely, repeat purchases and customer referrals.

Even better would be actual behavior from your customers. Demographic Questions It is usually useful to slice and dice your data by customer type. Customer type could be males vs. These demographic questions will be specific to your company and industry, but it can be very useful to segment satisfaction scores in order to see if there are any notable differences in the data.

For example, you might find that customers who purchased your product via the Web are far less satisfied than those who purchased the product in person. Simply segmenting your survey results in this way can provide actionable insights to improve satisfaction.

Customer Perception Survey 2018

Examples of common demographic questions include:How customer perception affects support. According to research published by Dixon, Toman, and DeLisi in The Effortless Experience, how a customer feels they were treated accounts for nearly two-thirds of the “effort equation.”Relatively low-exertion experiences are often reported as frustrating and high-effort when customers don’t receive the answer they expected.

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•Customer Perception is a comparison of expectations versus perception of experience. but is loyal. •Customer Loyalty includes behaviors (a.

rather than choosing a competitor brand instead. It is also possible for a customer to be extremely satisfied. relationship. A SURVEY ON CONSUMER PERCEPTION: SOUTHEAST ASIAN RESTAURANTS IN MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA By Titima Vangvanitchyakorn A Research paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the.

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Customer perception survey
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