How to write a fake sick note for school

I am a high school senior and decided to take two days off of school to go to the beach with my friends. I worked hard all year and my parents know that I was taking three days off of school. Well the only problem with this is if a student is going to be out of school for three days or more the school requires a doctor not before the student was allowed back in.

How to write a fake sick note for school

Try some of these ideas Then act perfectly normal again. In biology class, get everyone to wear aprons and goggles, then when the teacher comes in, act like everything is perfectly normal. Stand up and act outraged when the teacher gives homework.

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Get someone to pretend to be your lawyer and bring them to school the next day, and threaten to sue the teacher. When the bell rings or you hear any kind of siren, scream that the pigs are coming to get you and act all scared.

Wear handcuffs to class, then say "Sorry I'm late, I just had to break out of prison first" Run to the window, then start crying and say that your imaginary friend committed suicide.

When the teacher gives you work to do, say you can't do it because it's against your religion. Tell the teacher you don't need to do any homework, because you're going to be sick tomorrow.

If someone knocks on the door during class, get everyone to freak out and yell "We're under attack! Roast marshmallows on the bunsen burners. If the teacher tells you to stop, whip out a pack of sausages and roast that. If the teacher tells you to stop doing that, then pull out a whole chicken and spit roast it.

If the teacher says you can't go, say "Fine, I guess I have no choice then. Get everyone in class to stare in one direction all the time, and then have someone say "shift! Put raisins over your teeth and grin when people talk to you.

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Walk to the front of class, but fall over and pretend that someone tripped you. When the teacher finishes a sentence, get the whole class to stand up and applaud them.

When you come back from the bathroom, as soon as you walk into class, stand still for a few seconds and look around you, confused. Then ask "How did I get here?

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In Soviet Russia, number divides you! Bark like a dog.

how to write a fake sick note for school

Tell the teacher to prepare for evacuating the school, because you're gonna pull the fire alarm. Speak 'incorrectly', like say things like "ain't" all the time. When the teacher corrects you, nod like you understand, but carry on speaking weirdly.

Get the whole class to sing "We don't need no education". When the teacher asks a question, get everyone to put their hands up, and make sure when people get picked that they must say "I forgot what I was gonna say".

Meow inbetween words while answering a question. If you're late for class, and your teacher is moaning at you, say "There's no need to be moaning, you still get paid". Laugh like an evil maniac and say "You shall all perish! Ask if you can go to the bathroom. Get up and walk straight into the wall.

Frown at the wall, glare at it, and walk into it again. Then smile like a retard and walk out the door normally. If the teacher calls on you to answer something, reply in a creepy voice and say "I'll never tell!!! Stare at the teacher and look all serious like. Tell everybody that you've been an alcoholic for 3 years now At a totally random time, go sit on the floor for no apparent reason.

Hold your head as if it hurts, then tell the teacher that the voices in your head are arguing with each other.

Say that you saw a roadkill squirrel or other small critter in the road on your way to school, and talk about how you're going to cook it for dinner. Talk with a redneck kind of accent. Get everyone to raise their hands and ask to go to the bathroom at the exact same time.

how to write a fake sick note for school

Ask the teacher if you can be excused because you want to skip class.A Free Fake Doctors Note is a Big Mistake. I made a big mistake. I am a high school senior and decided to take two days off of school to go to the beach with my friends. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

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