Issues that will determine the success of jetblue airways

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Issues that will determine the success of jetblue airways

Lauderdale in Florida and J. Kennedy airport, New York. Since then, the company is estimated to have served more than twelve million passengers. Even though JetBlue operates in a highly competitive environment, its continued profitability has earned it remarkable loyalty among customers as well as its employees.

JetBlue Airways is one of the best financed start-up airlines in the United States aviation history. The initial marketing strategy of the company was to combine common sense and technology in addition to setting out an objective of introducing humanity into airline travels as well as making flying an enjoyable experience.

So as to achieve this, JetBlue aimed at being the first airline that did not employ paper-based recording system.

The company introduced computers and information technology in all sectors of its operations. In addition to efficiency, the company focused on service to their customers.

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JetBlue airways started from a humble beginning. The founder of JetBlue, David Neeleman, joined top management of southwest airways, and as a result of his aggressive, restless hands-on personality and always seeking for new innovative ways, he created tension and jealousy among other members of the Southwest Airways topBUSINESS 4 management team.

InNeeleman stopped working for the Southwest Airways. After leaving Southwest Airways, Neeleman launched WestJet, a carrier that became extremely successful. Based on his experience in aviation, Neeleman decided to develop a new and larger airline.

This idea was motivated by the fact that tastes of customers change and therefore it would be important to adapt persistently to these changes. This strategy was to be achieved through the use of highly competent employees and aircrafts.

Another strategy of accomplishing this objective was through flying bigger planes for longer distances in addition to offering an enhanced overall passenger experience. Another strategy of achieving success at such an early stage was excelling in the aspects that really distinguish the brand from others at a significantly low cost.

Comfort, courtesy and punctuality were the guiding principles of the Airways.

Issues that will determine the success of jetblue airways

They evaluate whether the benefit associated with a particular product is equal or outweigh the cost Helbig, However, different customers have different opinions as far as definition of benefits is concerned; and due to that fact, it is important that the value being added to a particular product or service be beneficial Helbig, Value adding can be defined in different versions depending on the type of services or commodities a particular company deals with.

The fundamental objective of value adding is to increase the worth of services and goods a company deals with, in order to attract and retain as many customers as possible in addition to increasing profits.

The decision to go into value adding should not be taken lightly; it has more risks associated with it. However, the rewards are greater than the risk involved.

JetBlue airways is a very good example of the companies that have embarked on value adding in order to attract as well as retain more customers with intent of increasing profitability.

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The dedication of this company has made it one of the most profitable companies in the modern times.Key Success Factors in Airlines: Overcoming the Challenges Marcella Riwo-Abudho 1, members where British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines and United Airlines have the right to fly study “JetBlue Airways; Growing Pains?” reveals that fuel prices around the world experienced a sudden rise in In the aviation sector.

JetBlue Airways Corp. is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability status, pregnancy, genetic information, citizenship.

SUBJECT: JetBlue Airways Key strategic issues faced by JetBlue Airways JetBlue Airways was established in USA as a low-cost domestic airline carrier. The company started operating as a point-to-point carrier, providing quality customer service at competitive prices.

The moves airlines make to limit flights to keep fares high are one point of focus in a swirl of issues that consumer advocates and antitrust attorneys say raise concerns about airline behavior.

"This decision by JetBlue Airways has allowed nearly 1, jobs to remain in New York City and its continuing commitment to growing at JFK airport shows that they are a true partner to the people.

Introduction JetBlue airways, as stated by Bodouva & Bodouva (), began its operation in February with the inauguration of services between Ft.

Lauderdale in Florida and J. F. Kennedy airport, New York. Since then, the company is estimated to have served more than twelve million passengers.

Issues that will determine the success of jetblue airways

Currently, JetBlue operates over flights per day [ ].

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