Spanish research papers

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Spanish research papers

In three hundred years that it lasted, the accused, which included Jews, Moors, Lutherans, and those who were accused of practicing witchcraft, had their possessions taken by the state, their fates tried in the papal courts, and their dignity trodden by the public.

Nearly forty-five thousand cases were tried in Spain and its territories, but conflicting figures show the number dead; some say nearly thirteen thousand were burned at the stake and tortured, whereas some statistics show only about nine hundred died during the Inquisition Henningsen, Inthe marriage of Ferdinand V of Aragon to his cousin Isabella of Castile united the two most powerful provinces of Spain Hauben, During this time, Spain was becoming one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

Prejudice Spanish research papers the Jews had also risen during this time, especially after a riot in incited by a Spanish archdeacon named Martinez.

The estimated number of victims for the riot is said to be a little over one thousand 1. After this ordeal, a number of Jews, called conversos, professed themselves as Christians to escape persecution.


Many Christians were questioning the sincerity of these conversos as they began to dominate Spanish society. Many Christians believed that the conversos were not true to the faith and this blasphemy merits expulsion from Spain Lea, The Inquisition Inthe proof that these skeptical Christians wanted surfaced.

A young man was courting a young Jewish girl. This celebration was, in fact, the Jewish Passover. This problem was further accentuated because the Passover occurred at the same time as the Catholic Holy Week.

Spanish research papers

A few months later, at the urging to the heads of the Spanish Church, Pope Sixtus issued a Papal Bull, a letter from the pope to all Christian countries, giving authority to an Inquisition Slade, 3 ; however, the Spanish Crown was given authorization Lea, The Inquistion The expulsion of Judaism was only a pretext, not the true reason of the establishment of the Spanish Inquisition; Ferdinand and Isabella had ulterior motives Slade, 3.

Ferdinand was a devious king and wished to destroy local autonomy throughout Spain. He saw the Inquisition as a weapon for furthering centralization and his political control.

Ferdinand also saw the opportunity to put those imprisoned during the Inquisition to hard labor. The crown also had the chance to add to its wealth by repossessing goods and property of the accused. Both Ferdinand and Isabella had a strong religious piety and supported ecclesiastical reform in Spain.

Spanish research papers

Isabella was even to have vowed during her youth to eradicate the Jewish population in Spain if given the crown. They had jurisdiction in all matters of heresy and blasphemy. An Inquisitor General was selected by the crown to preside over the meetings of the Suprema and head the entire inquisition.

Torquemada was a zealous Catholic who believed that non-Catholics posed a threat to destroy the Church and the country of Spain. Hauben, Thirteen local tribunals were set up all around Spain and were controlled by the Suprema.Published Articles. Barker, George. Pachuco: an American-Spanish argot and its social functions in Tucson, Arizona.

New York: Arno Press.

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If you want to write a culture research paper, you should start about what culture do you want to write (what religion, what ethnic group, what language, what customs, what heritage, what social. IB Spanish. The International Baccalaureate Spanish exam comprises of the IB Spanish Ab Initio, IB Spanish SL and IB Spanish HL.

IB Spanish Test, Exam, Curriculum, Syllabus, Diploma. It is offered by many IB Schools in the world. Spain research papers focus on the geography and people of Spain. When writing a research paper on Spain, more than likely you will want to focus on the geography and people of Spain.

With a population of more than 40 million, Spain is one of the financial and cultural centers of Western Europe. Research Papers. This series appears in Is a periodic publication and numbered, which documents may be in Spanish or English.

The documents included in this series are theoretical about economic and financial issues of interest for central banks, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, written by researchers and other officials CEMLA as well as guest researchers.

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