The 2010 iom report the future of nursing essay

This organization works within a certain framework which allows it to provide evidence-based research, objective analysis, and appropriate recommendations which are applicable to the public health and science policy. Research shows than more than 2, health care professionals from different parts of the United States of America do volunteer their expertise, knowledge and time through IOM with the aim of improving the provision of provision of health care services in the United States of America Finkelman et. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing has been given the mandate to build a blueprint which will bring in reforms in the health care system across the United States of America. The main aim of this initiative is to explore all the challenges as well as all the potential opportunities meet by nurses.

The 2010 iom report the future of nursing essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The Institute has responded to barriers and offers solutions to the rapidly changing healthcare model in light of the affordable care act The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health, It will examine, what I believe to be positive changes that could be implemented in my practice to meet the goals of the IOM report.

Medical education career paths have shifted to show a decrease in medical students and an increase in Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. Also outlined in their goals is to increase the education levels of nurses all across the board up to and including increasing the number of nurses who hold a doctorate degree.

The IOM suggests that by implementing more tuition reimbursement, scholarships and loan forgiveness programs, this can be achieved The future of nursing: The IOM also calls for an increase in higher level learning facilities and supporting teaching staff to maintain them. While I agree with the reports vision to make education steps seamless and more available, the retention in nursing must be addressed as well.

Higher education must not be the path to leave nursing as nurses choose to advance. For example careers could be established such as nursing technology. In this field, nurses experienced in knowing what is needed for bedside care, can develop, implement and train nurses in technology aimed at streamlining care, reducing medical errors, and allow nurses to spend more time in actual nursing practice.

According to the IOM, this involves taking responsibility for identifying problems reducing system waste, devising and implementing improvement plans, tracking trends, and making needed adjustments to realize established goals. Nurses should participate in, be leaders and be involved with decision making.

They should be engaged in health care reform-related implementation efforts. Nurses also should serve actively on advisory boards making policy decisions The future of nursing: While not all nurses can serve on advisory boards, it is essential to educate nurses regarding the financial side of healthcare.

This affects not only the hospital, but also nurses themselves, patients and the community as a whole. Nurses must learn to incorporate into daily practice, efforts that not only help the hospital but the patient. For example, a nurse must be aware that a lag in carrying out orders for a test or procedure, not only prolongs treatment, but it may delay diagnosis, healing and an increase in hospital stay.

The patient may become sicker and acquire hospital complications. It not only costs the patient more money, but could in turn cost the hospital as well. That bed could have been used for another patient in need of care.

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The report proposes that leadership be embedded in nursing education to prepare nurses for this role. It describes the importance of mentorship in helping nurses to achieve advancement, leadership and partnership. Along with leadership roles a nursing residence or preceptorship program would be prudent to better transition nurses all the way from novice nurse into more multifaceted responsibilities and roles The future of nursing: A culture of teamwork working towards a common goal would increase nursing retention, satisfaction and in turn produce happy nurses who make happy patients!

While the goals are necessary, they may be difficult to implement. Achieving a higher education, may be difficult for many. A career in nursing provides excellent income for minimal hours to manage these types of situations. With ever changing equipment, policies and technology, nurses are required to attend many hours of education and in-service mandated by their employer.

They are required to attend staff meetings and if, as the IOM report calls for, they may also hold positions of leadership, attend board meetings, policy or union meetings: Even if an employer offers scholarships or tuition reimbursement, it may still be very difficult to afford time and money to attend school.

Making nurses as full partners may be very difficult in overcoming the tradition of a physician in this role. Physicians may feel threatened as nurses become more prominent and educated. Nurses as leaders; while relevant and necessary, again, disconnect the nurse from the bedside. Nurses who maintain leadership positions for too long may become out of touch with the quickly changing dynamics of the bedside.

The 2010 iom report the future of nursing essay

They often lose respect with their peers as they manage decisions from the comfort of an office.Create a paper (, words) about the impact on nursing of the IOM report on the Future of Nursing.

Include: The impact of the IOM report on nursing education. The Impact of the Iom Report on the Future of Nursing Essay.

The impact of the IOM report on the future of nursing The passing of the Affordable Care Act by congress in will require the health care system to transform the future of nursing in order to keep up . The Impact on Nursing of the IOM report on the Future of Nursing Nurses play a vital role working on the front lines of patient care; with almost 3 million members this profession takes up one of the largest segment in healthcare.

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The 2010 iom report the future of nursing essay

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