The nepalese business environment

Program Modules You will have at least guided learning hours followed by practicum hours in an established business. The work placement will help you apply the theories you learn to practical business situations. We will help you secure your work placement by sending you for interviews.

The nepalese business environment

Course Structure The program is split into four tiers that will progressively develop your skillset, until you are able to handle the most complex problems. Team activities are an intrinsic part of the MBA, reflecting the need for team skills in modern business and providing a collegial learning environment.

The program has been expanded to allow you to acquire more specific knowledge and skills by choosing your 3 elective courses from one of the following subject areas: The program ends with a major research project designed to showcase your newly learned skills in a real-world setting.

Preparatory SOAR 0 - Student Orientation and Academic Readiness Through this orientation students come to understand their academic expectations, requirements, and rights and responsibilities at University Canada West. Students will learn how to access the university services and systems that they need to be successful in their studies.

Orientation includes practices of information literacy, academic integrity, critical thinking, and academic writing. All students will be assessed for academic writing proficiency.

They establish the basic university skills of research and writing while providing you with a theoretical and practical basis for what follows in the program. The ethical framework of decision-making in relation to global stakeholders anchors this exploration. Best business practices worldwide will be examined.

MGMT - Leadership in the Global Context This course incorporates elements of leadership and strategic implementation at all levels within an organization. Students will learn about leadership theories and consider best practices that may differentiate highly successful leaders from others.

They will be engaged in identifying their leadership styles and potential, with a view to enhancing their ability to lead teams. Strategic planning and leadership skills will be developed through the knowledge and application of strategic management tools and processes.

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Students will be challenged to adopt new leadership thinking, skills and strategies. ORGB - Human Interfaces Understanding the human dynamics in an organizational context, including individual, groups and organization-wide interactions, is critical to productivity and performance in the work place.

Students will analyze sources of tension and conflict within organizations and learn about strategies to harness positive energy and productivity. Topics include understanding the ethical considerations of doing research, developing and refining research topics, crafting a problem statement, and formulating research questions and hypotheses.

Management Principles and Practices The Tier 2 courses begin to explore the functional areas of organizational operations. These courses expect a more advanced level of study than do the Tier 1. ACCT - Managerial Accounting This course investigates the use of accounting information in the decisions made by management during the process of planning and controlling.

In particular, the focus will be on internal control mechanisms.


This will include the implication of changes in accounting policy on investing, operating and financing choices. Completion of Tier 1 OPMT - Operations Management Operations management seeks to implement and monitor processes to help assure that quality products and services are delivered in a timely and cost effective way to customers.

Included in the course are computer and decision support systems using Production and Operations Management software.

The nepalese business environment

Statistical methods and cutting edge concepts are discussed as part of comprehensive management practices. Completion of Tier 2 HRMT - Canadian Human Resource Management This course will explore how to develop strategies, policies, procedures, systems, and structures, to manage human resources in a Canadian business context.

The nepalese business environment

Students completing the course will be fluent in the issues facing businesses in this environment, critically examine the key HR tools to be successful and define a set of business "best practices" to support and advise managers and leaders to be successful in these environments.

Completion of Tier 1 Or HRMT - Human Resource Management in the Global Environment This course will explore how to develop strategies, policies, procedures, systems, and structures, to manage human resources in a global business and multi-cultural context. Completion of Tier 1 Tier 3: Business Applications The Tier 3 courses will give you the depth of knowledge necessary to make you a qualified practitioner in the field.

FNCE - Financial Management This course looks at the impact of financial decisions internal to, and external to the organization. It will introduce the topic of financial markets, and how financial information is related to the success of the firm, especially regarding the ability to raise capital.

Included will be a discussion of the different instruments and institutions used during the process.(): Business Environment in Nepal.

Nepal's membership and commitments: opportunities and threats for the Nepalese business.5 hours An introduction to socio-cultural environment.

Environment and energy management issues. Nepalese business Environment Business is an organization, trade, commerce, profession, occupation and industry carried out to make profit through customer satisfaction.

Environment literally means the surrounding external objects influences or circumstances under which someone or something exists. Thus, Business environment is the combination of internal and external forces and condition prevalent inside and outside the boundaries of a firm. Business environment consist of the forces and conditions outside the boundaries of a firm.

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Master of Business Administration. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from UCW will prepare you for leadership on the global stage.

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