To what extent was pitt responsible

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To what extent was pitt responsible

William Pitt the Younger Pitt lived and died a bachelor, totally obsessed with political office. He was clever, single-minded, confident of his own abilities, and a natural politician.

But perhaps his greatest asset in the early s was his youth. He had entered Parliament in and was just 24 when he became first minister in Consequently, he was not associated in the public mind with the American debacle but seemed instead to promise a new era.

Knowing that the alternative to Pitt was Fox whom he hatedthe king dealt with Pitt in a responsible manner. In —89 the king suffered a major bout of insanity or, according to some scholars, porphyria, a hereditary blood disease. Although he recovered, he thereafter interfered in politics far less than in his early reign.

Pitt in turn treated the king tactfully. He dropped his early enthusiasm for parliamentary reform, and in he resigned over the issue of Roman Catholic emancipation the extension of civil rights to Catholics rather than force the king to accept it.

But what sustained him most in the s and early s was the quality and success of his measures. He fostered legitimate trade and reduced smuggling by cutting import duties on certain commodities such as tea. In he signed an important commercial agreementthe Eden Treaty, with France.

It was in keeping with the argument made by the economist Adam Smith in his The Wealth of Nations that Britain should be less economically dependent on trade with America and become more adventurous in exploring trading opportunities in continental Europe.

At home, Pitt strove for cheaper and more efficient administration; for example, he set up a stationery department to supply government offices with the necessary paper at a more economical rate. In he signed the Triple Alliance between Britain, Prussia, and Hollandthereby ensuring that in a future war his country would not be bereft of allies as it had been during the American Revolution.

In he passed his own India Actcreating a board of control regulating Indian affairs and the East India Company. Finally, in the Canada Constitutional Act was passed.

London became responsible for the government of both Lower and Upper Canadabut both provinces were given representative assemblies. But even though he did not originate all of his schemes, Pitt nonetheless deserves credit for actually implementing them.

For all his priggish ruthlessness and occasional dishonesties perhaps because of themPitt undoubtedly contributed to the restoration of national confidence; indeed, for many people, he became its very personification.

At bottom, it was rooted in accelerating economic growth and unprecedented national prosperity: These figures illustrate two striking points. First, in the s British export performance and industrial productivity were perceptibly damaged by the American war.

Although Napoleon tried to blockade Britain in and again in —12, he never succeeded in cutting the lifeline of its trade. These figures demonstrate how quickly Britain regained its American markets after and how extensive its other colonial markets were. But they are also one of many signs that the nation was experiencing the first Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution Some historians have questioned whether the term Industrial Revolution can really be applied to the economic transformation of late 18th- and early 19th-century Britain.

They point out that in terms of employment the industrial sector may not have overtaken the agricultural sector until the s and that even then the average unit of production employed only 10 people. Large, anonymous factories did not become common until the late 19th century.apply this policy to the fullest extent possible in the interest of protecting children.

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To what extent was Pitt’s repressive policy the main reason for his success in resisting the radical challenge to ? The growing threat of revolution by English radicals being influenced by Irish rebels and the French Revolution was the main thing William Pitt the .

To what extent was pitt responsible

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To what extent was Pitt responsible for a national revival after ? When Pitt became prime minister in Britain was state of depression. Pitt inherited a demoralised and isolated country, caused by its loss of the American colonies and the unity of regional powers France and Spain against her.

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