Trb research papers

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Trb research papers

Description of TreeVersity2 TreeVersity2 explores change in trees over time. Users can use TreeVersity to analyze relative and absolute change over one variable in each node, as well as created and removed nodes.

Moreover, analysts can use TreeVersity to compare non-inherently hierarchichal datasets, by grouping them by it's attributes. For example, users looking at the change on the number of movies watch, can build a hierarchy grouping by age ranges, then by gender and then by favorite music genre, and answer questions like "how has changed the number of terror movies watched by teenage girls in the last year?

TreeVersity provides a set of tools to facilitate the comparison process that include: Comparison algorithms that calculate the change over each node of the tree internal and leaf nodes Two visualization techniques called Bullet and The StemView that represents the change in each node of the tree with controls for navigation and filtering A reporting tool that searches for the most significant changes on the tree and displays them in a textual report linked to the visualizations Videos Related work Much work has been done on visualizing and exploring single tree structures; however, the problem of comparing two trees is significantly harder.

We have identified and classified the following types of tree comparison: Topological differences between two trees where the nodes only contain a label. Finding created, moved and removed topics between two versions of the TRB research publications hierarchical categorization system, without looking for number of papers.

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Positive and negative changes in leaf node values with aggregated values in the interior nodes i. Comparing the change on the number of workers on the traffic agencies of the country, grouped by Agencies, Counties and Regions, given that no Agencies are created or removed.

Positive and negative changes in leaves and interior node values with no changes in topology. Positive and negative changes in leaf node values with aggregated values in the interior nodes and with changes in topology.

Again finding changes in the TRB research publications hierarchical categorization system, but looking at changes in the number of papers published by topic and at created, removed nodes.

Positive and negative changes in leaves and interior node values, with changes in topology. Some pages might be created or removed, and each page in the hierarchy has an independent number of visits. Most of the previous work on the field has focused on Types 0, and Types 1 for a more comprehensive listing please refer to our technical reportTreeVersity was designed to support tree comparison types 1 to 4.

TreeVersity the older version introducing the Bullet Comparing Trees is difficult. To address this, we present TreeVersity a new interactive visualization that gives users powerful tools to detect both node value changes and topological differences.

Trb research papers

TreeVersity uses dual comparison techniques side-by-side and explicit differences and tabular representations, to facilitate the understanding and navigation of the differences.vehicle emissions and traffic measures: exploratory analysis of field observations at signalized arterials nagui m.

rouphail, ph.d. h. christopher frey, ph.d. This paper appeared in TRB Research Record No. , Transportation Forecasting and Travel Behavior. Publication of this paper sponsored by Committee on Passenger Travel Demand Forecasting and Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values.

papers last year to review, so our low number is no reflection on our activity level. f) Research - Patty Cramer, Chair- see below 7) Remarks by Christy Gerencher, Senior Program Officer, TRB.

Jan 04,  · The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C.

on January 7–11, The Conference attracts more than 13, transportation professionals from around the world and this year the spotlight theme is “Transportation: Moving the Economy of the Future”.


Minutes Transportation Research Board Public Transportation Planning and Development Committee Meeting Committee AP January 15, 1. The meeting was called to order at a.m. by the committee’s Chairman Ed. TRID is an integrated database that combines the records from TRB’s Transportation Research Information Services Database and the OECD’s Joint Transport Research Centre’s International Transport Research Documentation Database.

TRID provides access to more than one million records of transportation research worldwide.

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