Writing a mayoral proclamation

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Writing a mayoral proclamation

The most powerful nation on Earth is run largely by year-olds. High turnover and lack of experience in congressional offices are leaving staffs writing a mayoral proclamation without policy and institutional knowledge, a Washington Times analysis of a decade of House and Senate personnel records shows — leaving a vacuum that usually is filled by lobbyists.

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Most Senate staffers have worked in the Capitol for less than three years. For most, it is their first job ever. In House offices, one-third of staffers are in their first year, while only 1 in 3 has worked there for five years or more.

Half have four years of experience. Unlike many state and federal workers with comfortable salaries, pensions and seemingly endless tenures, those in the halls of power are more likely to be inexperienced and overworked. Low pay for high-stress jobs with less-than-stellar prospects for advancement takes a toll on institutional memory and expertise.

Historical pay records were transcribed from book form by the website egistorm. It's taken for granted that lobbyists influence legislation.

writing a mayoral proclamation

But perhaps less obvious is that they often write the actual bills — even word for word. In an example a week and a half ago, the House passed a measure that would roll back a portion of the financial reforms known as Dodd-Frank.

And reports from The New York Times and Mother Jones revealed that language in the final legislation was nearly identical to language suggested by lobbyists. It's been a long-accepted truth in Washington that lobbyists write the actual laws, but that raises two questions: Why does it happen so much, and is it a bad thing?

writing a mayoral proclamation

In January, records indicated that for the third straight year, overall spending on lobbying decreased. Lobbyists themselves continue to deregister in droves. Inthe number of registered lobbyists dipped to 12, the lowest number on file since A loophole-ridden law, poor enforcement, the development of increasingly sophisticated strategies that enlist third-party validators and create faux-grassroots campaigns, along with an Obama administration executive order that gave many in the profession a disincentive to register—all of these forces have combined to produce a near-total collapse of the system that was designed to keep tabs on federal lobbying.

Other experts have made similar estimates, but no one is sure how large the industry has become. Lee Drutman, a lobbying expert at the Sunlight Foundation, says that at least twice as much is spent on lobbying as is officially reported.

There is little money for the lukewarm compromising Representatives of the past. Constitution to ensure that the power of the purse be controlled by the legislative body most responsive to the people, the House of Representatives.

The blame for the National Debt, originates in the House of Representatives, which is supposed to be the legislative branch of, for and governed by the people.After fourteen (14) years, Joe Parisi has decided to put the Inquirer to bed. Replacing the Inquirer will be a publication that will continue to provide all the positive news .

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