Writing and producing radio dramas pdf to excel

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Writing and producing radio dramas pdf to excel

The White Areas A White area has nothing to do with race, though these area's are usually demographically very Caucasian. If you've ever looked at the Arbitron Radio Metro map you would know that the white and beige color coded areas are of very low population density.

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That color key above should look familiar if you're in the radio biz. It's the hue of the rural county, and the unrated market areas. Shortly after the NARBA treaty was signed, the FCC turned toward the issue of providing reliable nighttime radio service to the country's "white areas.

What little they had was largely a wash of competing radio splatter and at night it usually got worse. Nonetheless this is what they chose to double down on.

writing and producing radio dramas pdf to excel

Their rationalization was that low population densities can't support the ad revenues necessary to run a radio station. Now today that seems pretty ridiculous. There is nary a county in the US without a radio station in or very near to it.

Now many of these may be automated, but that's also the case with major metros. My point is that they were hawkish on clear channel licenses as a "solution. This was not the s. FM radio was growing, and non-commercial radio was on the rise. It's clear to me that the "problem" was back-engineered from it's solution.

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Make summarizing and reporting easy with Excel PivotTables - TechRepublic Either synchronise capabilities or screw up, postulates Syed Amir Haleem. Akhlaq established Adcom inthe agency has kept up with changing consumer trends and media choices.

You can read the docket here. On page 5 they defined the problem as they saw it "More than half the total land area of the United States and perhaps as many as 25 million people principally in Northern New England, the more mountainous regions of the Middle Atlantic States, much of the South, the northernmost part of the Great Lakes Area, withing the Great Plains, and the mountainous areas of the West, and in Alaska are estimated to be outside the range of usable nighttime ground-wave service.

While this process began inthis document was printed in There was ample time to recognize the changing dynamics of broadcasting. Their "Industry-Advisory engineering committees" suggested at least four national night-time AM services. The FCC went with 13 initially, and added more later.

Dissent at least within the FCC was minimal. Commissioner John Cross criticized it as a "half-solution" for not going far enough.

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Commissioner Robert Lee dissented more or less on the same issue of scope suggesting that the limits on transmitting power were undue. So what they approves was a change to the clear channel regulations.

Prior to this they permitted only one radio station to operate at night on 24 of the channels available between and kHz. In they proposed another 12 and in another 23 already dithering over power increases and directionality. They still claimed inthat half the land area of the United States remained in a ground-wave white area at night.

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I have both. I bought a couple of LED spotlight globes to try in a ceiling mounted system over a desk.

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I am very happy with them (some 'engineers' in another recent thread on LED's have real problems accepting that simple statement, but whatever.), although the light is perhaps a bit 'stark'.

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